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Mestre Djop Barbosa

Brussels, Belgium / Piracicaba, São Paulo - Brazil

Mestre Djop is from Piracicaba in Brazil and has over 40 years of capoeira experience. He founded Escola de Capoeira in 2012 after 30+ years in Grupo Cativeiro. Today lives in Brussels (Belgium) where he teaches capoeira and Afro-Brazliian percussion, regularly organising capoeira events and travelling around the world to share his knowledge and experience.

Contact: +32 472 61 67 29 / 

Mestre Anzol

Araguaina, Tocantis - Brazil

Mestre Anzol is one of Mestre Djop's first students and currently runs the Casa da Capoeira project in Brazil.


Professor Thom

Schoten, Belgium

Prof. Thom met Mestre Djop in 2001 and still remains by his side today. In 2011 he graduated as professor and currently teaches in Schoten-Antwerpen. He regularly travels throughout Europe to learn all that capoeira teaches.

Contact: ‭0032 497 64 21 35 ‬/


Brussels, Belgium

Prof. Julien discovered Capoeira in Brazil with Mestre Abelha (São Luis, MA) in 2003. He met Mestre Djop upon his return and has been studying with him ever since. In 2008 he trained one year with Mestre Joao Grande in New York.

Contact: 0032 486 63 29 78 /

ProfessorA Ildiko/ MARIA BONITA

Würzburg, Germany

Professora Ildiko is from Wuerzburg, Germany where she began capoeira 1999 with Mestre Paulo Sorriso. After spending a year in Belgium training with Mestre Djop she stayed in touch with him and became his student. Ildiko now has her own small group in Wuerzburg and regularly visits Mestre Djop.

Professor Matt

Gent, Belgium / Durban, South Africa

Prof. Matt is from Durban, South Africa and began capoeira in 2002 with Filhos de Angola (UK). Returning home, he joined Capoeira Na Praia (SA) as one of its founding members. He met Mestre Djop in 2005, joining the group in 2007 when he immigrated to Belgium. He currently teaches in Gent and supervises the group Colectivo Africano de Capoeira Angola in Durban.

Contact: +32 473 18 00 76 /

Professor Papa Capim

Gent, Belgium

Papa Capim is one of Mestre Djop's first Belgian students and currently runs kids classes in Gent.

Contact: ‭00 32 486 16 50 56‬ /

Professor Mano Amaro

Antwerpen, Belgium / Pelotas, Rio Grande do Sul - Brazil

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ProfessorA ALINE

Araguaina, Tocantins/ Brazil

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Green Leaves

Professor Pezão

Araguaina, Tocantins/ Brazil

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Green Leaves

Professor João Ribeiro

Piraquê, Tocantins/ Brazil

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 Wiesbaden, Germany

ChrisTine Weber was introduced to Capoeira in 1995 in Frankfurt (Germany). In 2000 she traveled to Australia where she got connected to the Capoeira Angola. In 2004/5 she created a solo performance piece together with musician Cabral Lobato (Bahia/Germany) entitled „Olhos d´agua „, based on the research into the origins of Capoeira and modern, expressive dance. While living in Brussels from 2006 till 2008 she met the Escola da Capoeira Belgica under the direction of Mestre Djop Barbosa. There she received the Instrutora title in 2011 to further on practice Capoeira on a professional level, as part as the E.Ca. Introducing Capoeira into her work with childeren and adolescents education and later on into the health care system was widely welcomed and accepted.  She had been employed with "Capoeira & Dance Therapy" in mental and rehabilitation hospitals in Germany and currently is seeking for independence in her work/life style, as well as for local collaboration partners. 


San Juan, Puerto Rico

Emilú is from Puerto Rico. She met Mestre Djop in 2009 and joined the group. In 2015 she graduated as Instructora. Strongly moved by the social aspects of capoeira, when returning to Puerto Rico in 2016, she started to give community classes for adults and kids in her hometown San Juan.


Gent, Belgium

Leen began capoeira with Prof. Matt in South Africa in 2003 and when returning to Belgium later that year, she began learning under Mestre Djop Barbosa. Leen has travelled around the world participating in various capoeira workshops and events. In 2017 she graduated as an Instructora of the school and now trains and teaches in Gent together with Prof. Matt (her husband).


Brussels, Belgium

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Brussels, Belgium

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9-Danijel Photography.jpg


Brussels, Belgium

Prof. Rafael was one of Mestre Djop's oldest students from Brussels, he was a vibrant figure with a huge love for capoeira. He sadly passed away in 2016 but remains in our hearts eternally.

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