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Capoeira is an Afro-Brazilan martial art that fuses elements of fight, dance, music and movement into a lively melting pot of cultural expression that has captured the world's imagination.


Developed by Africans taken as slaves to Brazil from the 15-1800s it is unllike other martial arts in that it is a dialogue between two players, the "capoeiristas", rather than a form of confrontation or self defence. 


The capoeira game is accompanied by a percussion orchestra known as the "bateria" in which the capoeira practitioners play various tradtitional instruments and sing in a call-and-response manner. This sets the pace and tone of the "roda", the circle in which capoeira is played.


This mix of dance, music and martial arts makes capoeira lots of fun to play and learn. The journey into learning capoeira is long and rewarding, where the positive energy shared between everyone involved is highly addictive!

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